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ORBITECH takes pride in its up-to-date knowledge and technology in the field of IT-enables business solutions to help its clients from all sectors and sizes to climb up the corporate ladder quickly and easily. Having 10 years of experience, we specialize in consistently keeping ourselves updated with new technology and the latest trends to offer our clients the key leverage that they need. ORBITECH is renowned for making smart utilization of its human, financial and material resources to capitalize on its skill sets and deliver world class services, strengthen our core competence, and create innovative strategies to give our clients the competitive advantage they need.

Orbit Techservices Pvt. Ltd. is the brainchild of a bunch of experienced professionals and entrepreneurs having diversified technological and business interests with the common goal of redefining IT-enabled business services leveraging the country’s pool of leading information technology experts. With both eyes fixated on perfection and excellence, we are driven by our vision of becoming the pioneer provider of IT-enabled business solutions. Orbit Techservices Pvt. Ltd. dwells in the fantastic rapport that it cherishes with its clients which emerges from interactive cooperation, utmost transparency and comprehensive understanding of the client’s specific requirements and aspirations. Our tech-savvy specialists are capable of offering a host of business solutions including conventional software solution services along with e-Solution & m-Solution services in Microsoft Technologies, Linux suite of applications and on handheld (mobile) segments to companies across the world. Whether your company needs system integration and consulting services in India or offshore development services from India, ORBITECH is here to deliver.

ORBITECH focuses on system integration, software consulting and maintenance services by making optimum utilization of its skilled team members, state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality practices. The wide range of services we offer includes technical consulting, onsite development, offshore/domestic project development and mobile application development.The diverse requirements of ORBITECH’s clients are met by its team of around eighteen skilled technical
experts led by three team leaders who are equipped with cutting edge technological resources.

Our Strategy


We believe that our determination to offer valuable services to our clients that paves the way for their success is what makes us stand out. Our diligence in our work remains incomparable across the IT-enabled business services sphere. We do not want to be simply service providers for our clients - we aspire to become the number one confidante for businesses across the world through our unmatchable innovative capacity and top notch services. .


Our mission is to ensure that all types and scales of businesses find creative solutions from us through our unparalleled expertise, in-house talent and high-end services. We strive to make our clients’ experiences as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We conduct a detailed study of each client’s case and leave no stone unturned in offering effective solutions that are worth more than the time and money invested by them. .