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Excellent SMS Services in Kolkata, India

Businesses today need to communicate with their employees, customers and other stakeholders on a regular basis. Organizations run on mature processes and these processes need and also generate information on a regular basis. Sales, admin, marketing, logistics all need critical information on a real time basis. This information is already available in the servers, ERP systems and other backend MIS. UrSMS works on mobile enabling these key business processes on a real time basis.

Companies today require a new media of communication that can be used effectively in order to reduce the overall cost of communication and enhance productivity at work and operational efficiency.

UrSMS provides a communication platform which is flexible, scalable and cost-effective so that it can mobile-enable a few business processes already running at the back-end in the shortest possible time. The communication platform creates possibilities of sending in automated, manual and scheduled form, SMS from an internet-enabled computer system to a mobile phone in the field. In addition, authorized people with mobile phones are able to send information to back-end systems via SMS.

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